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RE: [bluetooth-dev] LAN profile

first, I'm sorry for being late to reply, I couldn't reach my mail for a 
We will certainly release our code, but we didn't yet thought about it. We are 
handing the project on 10/12 and we a discussion commetee on 14/12. After 
then, we will have time to check this out. Because our code uses the l2cap and 
HCI layers from Axis, and we are not sure about the policies.
Also, thanks for bringing up the issue of master/slave broadcasting. We are 
solving this problem know. By the way, the code is working, we telneted, ftp, 
we downloaded files upto 1.6 Mb, but ftp crashes some times, we don't yet know 

Hisham Barradah wrote:

> In fact I'm doing this know, and we are actully in the last phases, we are
> expecting to get done by next saturday. We wrote our own net drive, but we
> still needed a line discipline to communicate with the serial port. What I
> don't really understand, is how can the PPP work as a LAN profile, because
> PPP doesn't support multicasting or broadcasting, which are very important
> features.
> Hisham Barradah
> hbarrada@xxxxxxx.com

One more question. Do you intend to release your source as GPL?


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