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[bluetooth-dev] bug in COMMAND_COMPLETE and COMMAND_STATUS events processing

in hci.c in process_event(...) case COMMAND_COMPLETE (hci.c:1005) and
COMMAND_STATUS(hci.c:1020) the Num_HCI_Command_Packets parameter of both
events is interpreted relative. however, it is an meant to be an
absolute value!

to fix replace
(hci.c:1007)hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num += buf[0];
(hci.c:1027)hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num =+buf[1];

hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num = buf[0];
hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num = buf[1];
respectively. also the current version containes a typo in line
hci.c:1027 ("=+").

the Num_HCI_Command_Packets parameter of the COMMAND_COMPLETE and
COMMAND_STATUS events tell the host how many command packets it can send
to the host controller. this value must be interpreted as a total
number. in your implementation, however, the value is added to the value
kept by the stack locally. that isn't a problem with the current stack
and the bt-implementations available these days.

however, i ran into a problem while implementing a new scheduler for the
stack (in usermade), that does not require threads. your implementation
of set_ericsson_baudrate(...) (with P9A defined) sends the set-baudrate
command packet bypassing the command queue. when the queue is full
(hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num==0) i ended up with
hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num==-1; command complete event returned a
Num_HCI_Command_Packets parameter of 1, resulting in
hci_ctrl.hc_buf.cmd_num to be 0. no events were sent ever after...

it may also become a general problem, when implementations of the host
controller (the bt hardware) dynamically change the value during runtime
(e.g. an emulated bt-device utilizing some other protocol).

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