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Re: [bluetooth-dev] LAN profile

hbarrada wrote:

> Hi,
> first, I'm sorry for being late to reply, I couldn't reach my mail for a
> while.
> We will certainly release our code, but we didn't yet thought about it. We are
> handing the project on 10/12 and we a discussion commetee on 14/12. After
> then, we will have time to check this out. Because our code uses the l2cap and
> HCI layers from Axis, and we are not sure about the policies.
> Also, thanks for bringing up the issue of master/slave broadcasting. We are
> solving this problem know.

I look forward to seeing your solution.

> By the way, the code is working, we telneted, ftp,
> we downloaded files upto 1.6 Mb, but ftp crashes some times, we don't yet know
> why.

I've noticed ftp hangs on earlier version of the stack. Haven't tried ftp much
with the 11/15 release. What version are you using?


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