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[bluetooth-dev] l2cap


Just happened to notice a couple of things.

1. If an app sends an L2CAP signal request (#1), and then somebody tries
to send another one (#2) before the response to #1 comes back the the
timer on the first one gets clobbered. I expect the AXIS folks already
know this and are fixing it as they add support for multiple apps...

2. In rfcomm_send_data let's say the data being sent needs to be
segmented and a credit scheme is in use. If segment #1 is sent, but it
uses the last credit, this function returns 0 to the caller. Shouldn't
it return the amount actually sent thus far?

3. If I read the spec correctly L2CAP needs to perform segmentation.
Currently it just drops packets too big for the MTU. Any plans to fix
this soon?



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