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Re: [bluetooth-dev] l2cap

Mattias Ågren wrote:

> > 3. If I read the spec correctly L2CAP needs to perform segmentation.
> > Currently it just drops packets too big for the MTU. Any plans to fix
> > this soon?
> >
> The segmentation is not done from upper layers down to l2cap, it is done from l2cap down to HCI/LMP.

After staring at the spec for a while here's my interpretation. The local L2CAP exposes the peer L2CAP's MTU to the upper layers. Upper layers must limit their packet sizes to fit this limit. The baseband packet size can be less than
this MTU. In cases where the upper layer data fits within the MTU, but not the basband packet size, L2CAP must segment. Sound right?

So l2cap.c is correct to drop the packet. But it doesn't seem to check the baseband packet size.

> Thank YOU for your feedback !

You're welcome as always.


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