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[bluetooth-dev] Digianswer API Source Code Will Be Free

This was announced at the latest BT DevCon.  


 Digianswer Releases API / Will Place Entire Bluetooth
 Software Suite Into Open Source
 Source Code Will Be Free
 SAN JOSE, Ca. - Dec. 4, 2000 - Digianswer A/S announced today their new
 software strategy to strengthen Bluetooth development efforts on personal
 computers.  This new strategy will give application developers immediate
 open and free access to Digianswer's protocol stack via their Application
 Programming Interface (API).  In addition to this open interface, Digianswer
 plans to place their entire Bluetooth Software Suite into Open Source by
 Digianswer will continue to license their Bluetooth Software Suite (BTSWS)
 to PC manufacturers, Bluetooth solutions developers and other customers,
 independent of hardware.  Licensed customers will receive access to source
 code, software updates and support during the period prior to the Open
 Source offering.  The open API documentation is currently available for
 developers from the Digianswer website: btsws.digianswer.com.
 "This new initiative will allow the developer community to work with an API
 that is already deployed and have the knowledge that it will be around for a
 long time" said Ole Jensen, Founder and Managing Director of Digianswer.
 "The developers can begin to formulate plans for future offerings through
 use of the Open Source software."
 The Digianswer software stack is currently bundled with the Digianswer
 PCMCIA card OEMed by Dell, IBM, NEC and Toshiba.  The software operates on
 Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4.0 and 2000.  Support for Windows CE is under
 development with an early version having been demonstrated at Comdex Fall
 About Digianswer
 In addition to being one of the most advanced implementers of Bluetooth
 technology and offering a comprehensive range of Bluetooth hardware and
 software products, Digianswer A/S is the leading developer of Digital Signal
 Processing based accessories for the use with cellular phones.  Digianswer
 is based in Nibe, Denmark and is a subsidiary of Motorola, Inc. 
 # # #
 About Open Source
 Open source promotes software reliability and quality by supporting
 independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code. To be OSI
 certified, the software must be distributed under a license that guarantees
 the right to read, redistribute, modify, and use the software freely.
 For more information, visit the web site, http://www.opensource.org.
 # # #
 Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Telfonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson, Sweden
 and licensed to Digianswer A/S.
 All names, product names, and tradenames are trademarks or registered
 trademarks of their respective holders.
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