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RE: [bluetooth-dev] How do I setup a virtual serial port?

If the line isn't in active state that means that either there are no app running on top of the tty or the there is no rfcomm connection attached to it (yet). If no active the driver refuses to send anything.
Could you please supply more logs when connecting the stack, e.g is bt_register_rfcomm done ?
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] How do I setup a virtual serial port?

I found a mail in the maillist archives that described how to run the ttyBT0 as 'a standard serial port'. However I still encountered some problems when I tried to follow these instructions. When my program tried to write to ttyBT0 i got the following debug message in the /var/log/message:
kernel: BT DATA bt_write_top : line 0 is not in active state
I am now running the stack released 1031. The mail I mentioned is pasted at the end of this message.
Thanks in advance.
Björn Hagstöm

RE: [bluetooth-dev] How do I setup/use a virtual serial port