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[bluetooth-dev] DigiAnswer PCMCIA BT Demo Card w. LINUX/AXIS

Actually we are trying to use the DigiAnswer PCMCIA Bluetooth Demo Cards
within LINUX.
We have successfully downloaded and compiled the AXIS stack encountering no
problems at all.
We even use the PCMCIA cardmanager to load the module "bt.o" or modprobe.
As we are using a PCMCIA card with AXIS stack and applications, nothing
seems to work. The driver even loads without hardware plugged in. I think
the AXIS stack only supports devices connected throug serial ports. 
The next days we will test the Ericsson BT Kits using the AXIS stack - hope
I can report some success.
OK the questions :
- does the stack (and apps) support the PCMCIA BT Cards ?
- is there some ongoing work concerning BT PCMCIA cards and Linux
Cardmanager - we would like to help.
- any other experiences using BT and Linux - *all* Information is welcome
Regards - Gerrit Schulte 
"Why do we have to hide from the police, daddy ?"
"Because they use Emacs son - we use Vi."
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