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Re: [bluetooth-dev] DigiAnswer PCMCIA BT Demo Card w. LINUX/AXIS

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Schulte Gerrit ICM D WM RD 21 (WS) wrote:
> Actually we are trying to use the DigiAnswer PCMCIA Bluetooth Demo Cards
> within LINUX.
I wish I could afford one ;)

> We have successfully downloaded and compiled the AXIS stack encountering no
> problems at all.
That's how it should be.

> We even use the PCMCIA cardmanager to load the module "bt.o" or modprobe.

> As we are using a PCMCIA card with AXIS stack and applications, nothing
> seems to work. The driver even loads without hardware plugged in. I think
> the AXIS stack only supports devices connected throug serial ports. 
> The next days we will test the Ericsson BT Kits using the AXIS stack - hope
> I can report some success.
> OK the questions :
> - does the stack (and apps) support the PCMCIA BT Cards ?

> - is there some ongoing work concerning BT PCMCIA cards and Linux
> Cardmanager - we would like to help.
As far as I know there is no such effort.
From my point of view I would love to implement such a driver but this has two
1 - I cannot afford a card. From my knowledge a single card costs about US$3500
because they are still prototypes.
2 - There is no documentation available.

If you can get hold of a card and docs for me, please contact me in private ;)

> - any other experiences using BT and Linux - *all* Information is welcome
We use the Ericsson modules quite successfully here. 

> Regards - Gerrit Schulte 
  nils faerber

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