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RE: [bluetooth-dev] DigiAnswer PCMCIA BT Demo Card w. LINUX/AXIS

>> - is there some ongoing work concerning BT PCMCIA cards and Linux
>> Cardmanager - we would like to help.
>As far as I know there is no such effort.

There are thoughts about how to generalize the hardware interface so you can
use any type of hardware. Serial, USB or PCMCIA. But nothing so far in actual code.

>From my point of view I would love to implement such a driver but this has two
>1 - I cannot afford a card. From my knowledge a single card costs about US$3500
>because they are still prototypes.

This is not the problem.

>2 - There is no documentation available.

This is the real problem. No docs, no driver. If there is anybody who has got the 
skills and the docs, and wants to write the driver, I am certain that there are 
people willing to provide the hardware.


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