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[bluetooth-dev] Using DIAC for inquiry

Hi everyone

Is there anybody who has got any experience in using DIAC for inquiring? I
found in the Bluetooth core, that one has to set the LAP of the address
while inquiring to something between 0x9e8b00 and 0x9e8b3f (btw for a
general inquriy the LAP is equal to 0x9e8b33 which is implemented in the BT
stack). I also read, that the DIAC is derived from the first 24 bits of a BT

I now would like to create to device classes, one is called server and the
other is called client. For each client device, it should be possible for it
to inquire either for other client devices or for a server device.

I suppose that the LAP in the BT Address for the client class should differ
from that of the server class. But I actually don't know which LAP to set to
which class and which LAP I have to set then in the hci_inquiry function.

Thanks a lot for your support in advance.


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