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[bluetooth-dev] Connect two ROK 101 007 USB modules


I have problem making a RFCOMM connection with two Ericsson Bluetooth
application & training tool kit.
With the 1115 stack everything works fine, I can do "readbd" and "inq"
but i think connect is not implemented in the 1115 version..
I have tried the 0814 stack and patched it as described in
http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/msg00453.html , I can do "readbd"
but connection fail.

Can someone please tell me how to make a RFCOMM connection between
theese modules ??

I am using USB bluetooth driver v0.6 (kernel 2.2.18pre24)

Ericsson HW revision info:
Generated: 2000-04-28 15:54
Comment: CXC 125 244 P9A


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