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[bluetooth-dev] Palm Port

Hi everybody

One of my students (Heinz Mathys, who made some posting on this list) has
implemented a Bluetooth stack on a Palm Vx. It is a kind of port of the AXIS
stack, but major parts had to be rewritten due to difference of the
underlying OS (Driver model, Event driven OS, etc.).

There is still a lot of work to do, but the basic features are implemented.
We are able to build up a connection and communicate througt the build-in
network stack of the Palm.

If anybody is interested in this work, just drop a message.


Bernard Stauffer, dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, Computer Engineering & Communi-
cation Networks Lab, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zuerich
Mail: ETHZ, TIK, ETZ-G75, Gloriastr. 35, CH-8092 Zuerich, Switzerland
Tel: +41-1-6327058 / Fax: +41-1-6321036 / mailto:stauffer@xxxxxxx.ch

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