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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth link stall (08/14 release)


>CT> With no "connect" command, how can you establisha an L2CAP/RFCOMM
>connection, over which you can run a PPP connection? Please clarify. That is
>what I mean, I could not start a PPP connection without first establishing a
>baseband up to RFCOMM connection.
That is correct. Unfortunately the connect command was removed in the current relase which prevents initialization of an RFCOMM connection from a client. We are aware of the problem and it has high priority. It will be back for the next release which we hope will be very soon.

>CT> I'm using a desktop. I'll try what you suggest, over a null modem

If you are using a desktop then this is probably not the problem, we have never seen the problem on a desktop. But if you want to be really sure, use the sertest program sent by Mattias instead of PPP to test the UART. This is better since PPP in combination with TCP/IP handles corrupt data packets. You could probably discover lost or corrupt data by PPP statistics but sertest is much easier.

>CT> As you see below, we have P9A revision F/W. That's certainly a likely
>cause. Hope that I can get P9B from Sigma or Ericsson on line, would you
>know if that is possible?

I browsed the Sigma Comtec FAQ and found this, so my guess is that you can receive fw upgrades from them:

The FW is P9A and HW P4A. Those versions only support 
point2point, i.e no network communication is possible yet.
The only upgrade possible of an existing Application Tool Kit is
FW upgrade of the Bluetooth module onboard. As soon as there is
a new version of the Bluetooth module, SIGMA Comtec will provide
a solution for all customers to upgrade their Application Tool

BTW, there is no firmware release called P912 as stated earlier, it should be P12A.


Axis Bluetooth Team

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