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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson EBDK do not work using stackv20001115, help appreciated

"Schulte Gerrit ICM D WM RD 21 (WS)" wrote:

> So far, everything is OK - as also on the client side.
> Now I try to setup some connection to my second board using "rf_conn"
> with the bd address of my second board, server channel 2, the reisult
> looks as fdollows:
> > rf_conn 00:01:ec:0c:de:ea 2
> RFCOMM server channel is 2
> > BT SYS: ERROR :COMMAND_STATUS: Invalid HCI Command Parameters
> the result using the client is exactly the same.

In btd/btd.c, in the function where you find 'sscanf("rf_conn %x...', try
changing the declaration 'int bd[6];' to 'unsigned int bd[6];'.


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