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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Wat is the preferred way to add new HW support?

Stefan Thomasson wrote:

> Its actually between the serial port and the hci layer.
> Its HCI packets with extra bytes after the packet type.
> An extra packet type called control packet has also been added, which might
> be used as
> flow control or "synchronisation".

In that case you are in luck.
You can probably define your own line discipline and then change the stack from

HCI <-> bt_ldisc <-> serial tty_driver

To this:

HCI <-> bt_ldisc <-> your (thin) driver <-> your_ldisc <-> serial tty_driver

The AXIS stack itself provides a good example of how to setup your own line
discipline, and btd.c shows how to assemble tty driver stacks.

Just one suggestion. The other, simpler, less portable way is to modify (make
your own) hci.c that can handle the extra bytes in the header.


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