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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson EBDK do not work using stackv20001115, help appreciated

hello, thanks for your help.

i have turned on the BT_DATAFLOW_DEBUG, but couldn't see any debugging
message. i read from the source code, the debugging messages are printed by
the printk function. will it work under usermode?

i also tried to create a connection by calling the lp_connect_req function
in the HCI directly, but got the "Invalid HCI command parameters" message.

is there any alternative to connect 2 BT devices?

so many questions...

best regards,
liu yong

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From: Gordon McNutt
Sent: 12/27/2000 1:45 AM
Subject: Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson EBDK do not work using stackv20001115,
help  appreciated

#LIU YONG# wrote:

>  hello, the stack version i am using is 20001115. the h/w is EBDK,
P7B. O/S
> is redhat 6.2 (upgraded to 2.2.18 kernel).
> (pls correct me if i am wrong.)
> i think this "invalid hci command parameters" message is sent by the
> controller as the response to the create_connection command sent by
> host. i studied a bit of the code, and found that the the packet type
> to create_connection is 0xcc18, but i couldn't find the corresponding
> type specified in the spec.

The 0xcc18 is a bitmask. Check out page 550 of the Core Spec v 1.0 B.
table shows the bits which can be set in the packet type field. The AXIS
is setting all the bits which aren't reserved, which comes out to

Perhaps you can turn on the BT_DATAFLOW_DEBUG in btdebug.h and have a
look at
the actual packet being sent to the host controller. Then you can
compare that
with a known good one like this:

bt_write_lower_driver : (17) /* Create ACL Connection */
0x01 0x05 0x04 0x0d 0xb4 0xdb 0x15 0x20 0x39 0x1a 0x18 0xcc 0x00 0x00
0x00  0x00

> wish you a merry christmas!!

Thank you. I hope yours went well also.


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