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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Evaluations of Axis bluetooth_20001031 and _1115. with null modem

sklaw wrote:

> Hi Benham,
> Thanks.  Please tell you use real bt or null modem for evaluation.
> It seems we got the same findings that user mode works fine but not with
> kernel mode command in both _0814 and 1031 .
> For _1115,  we tried ppp and rf_conn and got handle 0 and return to command
> menu without CRC_Check error in both kernel mode and user mode.  Is that
> because you use bt instead of null modem? Please confirm!
> If anyone got kernel mode connected, please help! Because according to
> previous email discussion with null modem, kernel mode command  btd -m
> .......  instead of btduser -m ........ commands is used.

I've had kernel mode working in both 8/14 and 10/31.

If you're certain that you really are not getting a connection then turn on
debug and, if you want help deciphering it, post it here. Debug flags are in


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