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[bluetooth-dev] Some questions on AXIS stack for Bluetooth


I tried the release of Nov 2000, placed at

And I am wondering on somethings, perha[s u guys would understand and
explain things. I would appreciate it.

1. the stack can be compiled using kernel mode and user mode. Now the
problem is that in user mode (BTD_USERSTACK), all the calls
wake_up_interruptible(p) and interruptible_sleep_on are just meaningless.
There is no guarantee that after interruptible_sleep_on(), I would get the
result. How can u expect that any serious development can be made this way?

2. Another way for users to have full exposure to ur driver is to use IOCTL,
but then again very few functionalities of bluetooth has been exposed there.

3. I can not help wondering why the programming model is not sysnchronous
(event-driven) for the end users. I had a look at some APIs provided on
Windows platform (Ericsson, DigiAnswer), and the one provided by Palm.com,
and they all provide event-driven model.

Looking forward to ur response

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