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[bluetooth-dev] Is bluetooth-README incorrect - IS the Digianswer PC Card supported?

http://developer.axis.com/download/bluetooth/bluetooth-README.txt provides
the following initialisation switch (from which I inferred that Digianswer is supported
by the stack):

              -i, --hwinit <HW initialisation>
              hw specific initialization
              ericsson, digi (DigiAnswer PC card), csr, usb, none
              default: ericsson

Recent email on this list suggests that this is not the case, leaving me slightly confused.
Could someone outline (or point me toward a list of) currently supported
hardware, and the the degree of support for each platform.

I was on the verge of placing an order for the Digianswer card: not much
point if it is not supported, or if it is going to be too difficult to port to.

Are there any supported PCMCIA cards at all?

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