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RE: [bluetooth-dev] CSR Bluetooth hardware


I was able to get Casira to work with the Axis stack by doing the following:

1) I upgraded to the beta9 f/w. Before you load the beta9, make sure to save
important parameters in the Persistent Storage (as a minimum, a CSR engineer
suggested to me the crystal trim). Make sure you erase the flash before
downloading the beta9, or the PSTool will not work properly. I don't know
that this is required, but seeing as how beta9 includes changes from unplug

2) Set the following parameters in the Persistent Storage using PSTool:
"Host Interface" to "UART link running H4", "UART: Parity Bits" to "No
parity", and "UART: non-BCSP enable" to "Enabled". If you want to use flow
control, you will also need to set those parameters in PSTool as well as
compile the stack to use it. Make sure to reset the Casira module for the
changes to take effect (you can use the "Reset BC" buton on the PSTool app).
NOTE: You won't be able to see the "Host Interface" parameter unless you set
the access level to developer (Access Key 1812).

3) I used the following command lines: server: "btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -b
/dev/ttyBT0 -r server -i csr", client: "btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -b /dev/ttyBT0 -r
client -i csr".

After that, I was able to execute "readbd" and "inq" from the client. I was
unable to setup a connection using "con", however, due to it being broken...

Best Regards.

David Gathright
Consumer Direct Link, Inc.
"Pervasive Computing Networks"
2 Corporate Park, Suite 100
Irvine, California 92606
Voice (949) 553-1756 x109
Fax (949) 553-1709

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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] CSR Bluetooth hardware
> I have recently started to work on CSR Bluetooth hardware 
> using the Casira
> Bluetooth DevKit.
> I hook up on the BT Casira devices to my RS-232 port, set the 
> port rate
> to 115200bps, and observe the following characters being transmitted
> from the Casira:
> 0xC0 0x01 0x90 0x8f 0xaf 0x57 0x60
> This sequence is repeated over and over.  Doesn't look like a HCI-UART
> packet sequence to me.  (Must be their BCSP protocol format?)
> Question: How do I switch over the Casira module to speak HCI-UART
> so that I can use the AXIS stack?
> Thanks for any help you can give me,
> Craig Gwydir
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