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[bluetooth-dev] Connect daughterboard


I have run in to some problems when trying to connect the Ericsson Bluetooth
daughterboard directly to the Axis ETRAX devboard.

I have tried to connect the 3,3 volt com port directly to the Bluetooth
daughter board with this configuration:
TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS connected to respectively pin on the Etrax devboard.
GND, D-, D+ connected to GND on the Etrax devboard.
Module Vcc, Vcc IO, ON, PCM CLK, PCM IN, PCM SYNC to 3,3 volt from the Etrax
Other pins are not conneccted.

The Etrax devboard does respond like there was nothing connected to the com
It works just fine when the Blutooth is connected to the serial port via the
motherboard and a serial cable.

I wonder if anyone have done this before and would appreciate if anyone can
send the pin configuration.

Best regards
Alexander Gordon
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