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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Need to find hardware for a Linux PC

yes.  At 57600 baud.  I actually have not tried it at 115200 baud, 
because of
postings on this news group saying that it does not work at such high 
Other than that, the ESBK works well.


Stuart Eichert wrote:

> I am doing a Bluetooth project and would like to use Linux and the
> Axis or IBM Bluetooth stack.  I tried the IBM Bluetooth PC Card, but
> realize that it won't work with the Axis stack.  I am not trying to
> develop hardware, I just need a Bluetooth device that I can talk to
> over a serial port with the Axis stack.  Ericsson has a Bluetooth
> development kit and a Bluetooth starter kit.  Will the Axis stack work
> with the Ericsson Bluetooth starter kit?
> Thank you,
> Stuart

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