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Re: [bluetooth-dev] question about hci

Zhong Davidy wrote:

>    I  want to write a receiving and sending test
> progrom for  hci.c.can I write it directly on hci?
> or don't I have to write it through ttyBT*,or are
> there
> other methods?can you give me help?
>    Thanks.

You'll have to write your own.
If you're interested in just the HCI commands and responses have a look at
If you're interested in ACL and/or SCO then have a look at

There are no external 'hooks' into hci.c to mess with HCI command flow, and
the 'hook' to the upper layer for ACL is hardcoded to send to l2cap.c (so
you'll have to replace it if you want ACL), and SCO does nothing (so it's fair
game to add something).


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