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Re: [bluetooth-dev] OBEX File transfer

There is a possible challenge exchange before downloading (like in PPP).

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Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 7:52 PM
Subject: [bluetooth-dev] OBEX File transfer

| Hi
| As far as I can understand from OBEX (By IrDA) and File transfer
| protocol (by SIG), there is no user- and file-specific access control as
| it is in standard FTP (for Internet). I mean one can use PIN to encrypt,
| or permit selective access to some services (non-trusted devices), but
| there is no concept of access control at service level (as in FTP). Like
| 'Joe' has right over 'file1.html', but 'Donna' has not right over the
| same file, even if she logs on from the same bluetooth device. Is that
| true?
| If this is true, then how come SIG has left this security issue
| unattended even in File Transfer protocol?

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