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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Profiles Supported for BT Axis?


1stly, I would like to thank Gordon for the reply!!  It seems that the
latest version of the AXIS stack dos not include sdp client functionality
yet.  My qns are:

1.  Does anyone know when the sdp client would be supported?
2.  If not supported, how do we go abt using the sdp for the client with
this new version?  The older version (140800) provides support for both the
sdp server and client but only for 1 profile (serial port).  When would the
LAN Access Profile or other profiles be supported?
3.  Any tips for creating a new profile??

Thanks alot!


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Lim Yong Beng wrote:

> Hi,
> May I know what are the profiles supported by BT Axis?  If there are
> than 1 profile, how is the intended profile chosen? Through a user
> at the client?

BT Axis implements RFCOMM, so any of the profiles which go through
use it. Currently their app (btd) has a way to use PPP over RFCOMM.

If you want to use a different profile, or provide a user interface,
you'll need to do some work. Basically, BT Axis gives you an RFCOMM tty
(or a
set of them, actually). If you want to use another profile, like OBEX,
you'll need to start OBEX using one of these tty's as it's lower driver.
guessing that this is how you start OBEX over IRCOMM, so the situation
be analogous.

If you want to use one of the phone-voice protocols over an SCO link
then you
don't have a lot of support in the BT stack (yet). In general the
which don't use RFCOMM don't currently have an interface into the stack.
I know
that the AXIS people are thinking about this but I don't know what
they're leaning toward. Some people on this stack have implemented
interfaces into the stack, so you might check the archives and contact
them it
you're interested.

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