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[bluetooth-dev] Need a Help On Bluetooth

Dear Sir,

            I have downloaded Bluetooth protocol stack source code from http://developer.axis.com.
           # Q1:  Is it possible to run this (Bluetooth_20001115.tgz & 20010108.tgz) on a
                  stand-alone linux system ( Without H/w , HCI_EMULATION ).
           # Q2:   After enabling HCI_EMULATION also, it is initializing Erricson H/w, How to rectify it ?

           # Q3:   While running the s/w, it gives the message " sdp_server, No such file or Directory "
                   What to do for this.
           Please give me the complete procedure for establishing a connection between master/slave.
           in UNIXSOCK & TCPSOCKET mode because README is not clear to me.
           I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.
          With Regards,
          Praveen S.