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Re: [bluetooth-dev] COM PORT

Exactly what 3.3 volt com port have you connected it to?
See http://developer.axis.com/hardware/devboard/hardware.shtml
for details.
The X25? Have you changed so you use /dev/ttyS1 in this case?

You can't use X4 or X12 directly since the RS-232 driver will
interfere (you must then disable the driver).

(I assume the module has a 3.3V level output that youuse
as well as RS-232 level, otherwise you might damage something)


-----Original Message-----
From: Alexander Gordon (QIC) <Alexander.Gordon@xxxxxxx.se>
To: 'bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com'
Date: den 11 januari 2001 13:13
Subject: [bluetooth-dev] COM PORT

>I have run in to some problems when trying to connect the Ericsson
>directly to the Axis ETRAX devboard.
>I have tried to connect the 3,3 volt com port directly to the Bluetooth
>daughter board with this configuration:
>> TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS cross connected to respectively pin on the Etrax
>> GND, D-, D+ connected to GND on the Etrax devboard.
>> Module Vcc, Vcc IO, ON, PCM CLK, PCM IN, PCM SYNC, RESET to 3,3 volt from
>the Etrax devboard.
>Other pins are not connected.
>The Etrax devboard does respond like there was nothing connected to the com
>It works just fine when the Bluetooth is connected to the serial port via
>the motherboard and a serial cable.
>Is it necessary to use DTR, DCD, DSR or RI? I don't think these pins are to
>be used (only for phone modems).
>I wonder if anyone have done this before and would appreciate if anyone can
>send the pin configuration.
>Best regards
>Alexander Gordon
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