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Re: [bluetooth-dev] ARM : fail to open a ptydev for PPP

Xavier DEBREUIL wrote:

> Hello Gordon,
> I ran the sertest application provided by Axis between my board and my PC and
> there is no problem at all even when I use a buffer of 8192 bytes (!!! if the
> board does not support the hardware flow control, you have to disable it at both
> ends)
> by the way, this test should be done without hardware flow control...
> baud rate : as I am using an ericsson BB, I cannot use 9600... and as sertest is
> ok, it should not be a problem...
> patch : yes, I am using your patch for the 1115 version ; this is the last thing
> I have to check now

Well that sucks. Can you get a trace of the error which shows the packets HCI
receives? I don't think we need debug in the higher levels since the error is detected
in HCI.


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