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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Profiles Supported for BT Axis?


thanks to Mr Gordon again!  BTW, I am actually trying to run a simple WAP
application over Bluetooth; the profile does not exist yet but according to
the BT specs, this profile would follow the LAN Access profile.  Is it
possible to amend the LAN Access profile to suit my needs?

Mr Gorgon, you mentioned that LAN Access profile is implemented but for the
140800 version, in line 40 of sdp.c file, it shows: 

		printk(FNC"LAN_PROFILE: Not implemented in SDP yet\n");
		return 0;

So, are we refering to the right version??

Thanks alot!


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Lim Yong Beng wrote: 


1stly, I would like to thank Gordon for the reply!!  It seems that the 
latest version of the AXIS stack dos not include sdp client
yet.  My qns are: 

1.  Does anyone know when the sdp client would be supported?

What exactly do you mean by an SDP client? If you look at Figure 2.1 in
the SDP section of the profile spec, I think the only thing missing is
the box labeled SrvDscApp -- the service discovery app. Is this what
you're talking about? 

2.  If not supported, how do we go abt using the sdp for the client with

this new version?  The older version (140800) provides support for both
sdp server and client but only for 1 profile (serial port).  When would
LAN Access Profile or other profiles be supported?

The LAN Access Profile is implemented. Follow the README instructions
for making a PPP connection. 

3.  Any tips for creating a new profile?? 

Well, let's break it down. 

The following profiles already exist: 

        Serial Port 
        LAN Access 

The following require support outside the scope of the stack: 

        Dial-Up Networking 
        Generic OBEX 
        Object Push 
        File Transfer 

The following require an interface to L2CAP and HCI + app support
outside the stack: 

        Generic Access 
        Cordless Telephony 

The following requires an interface to SDP and app support outside the

        SDP Application 

Since you're interested in SDP, your main concern as far as the stack
goes is the interface to SDP. I have no idea what the AXIS developers
have in mind for this, so I suggest that you think about it and
recommend one to them. 


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