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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Profiles Supported for BT Axis?

Lim Yong Beng wrote:

>  Hello,
> thanks to Mr Gordon again!  BTW, I am actually trying to run a simple WAP
> application over Bluetooth; the profile does not exist yet but according to
> the BT specs, this profile would follow the LAN Access profile.  Is it
> possible to amend the LAN Access profile to suit my needs?
> Mr Gorgon, you mentioned that LAN Access profile is implemented but for the
> 140800 version, in line 40 of sdp.c file, it shows:
>                 printk(FNC"LAN_PROFILE: Not implemented in SDP yet\n");
>                 return 0;
>                 break;
> So, are we refering to the right version??

I think it's a confusion of terms. I think AXIS intended that to be a LAN
access __BELOW__ the stack (as opposed to a serial port access, maybe like the
current LAN test rig they have) -- in other words it has nothing to do with
the Bluetooth Profile spec.

The LAN Access profile as required by WAP should be ready for service. The
question is what kind of interface does your WAP app require below it? And
which one is it, incidentally (if you're at liberty to say...)? If it needs a
socket connection then PPP over RFCOMM is what you need. I think WAP can work
over UDP, right? And if so, I wonder how it's supposed to find the remote
peer's address... hmm... have to think about this.


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