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Re: [bluetooth-dev] can axis stack run on the errision module rok 101 008

hi zhangjun

  most of the bt-hardware out there is based on the ericsson "rok 101
007" (last digit == 7!) module. the stack works with those modules. i
havenīt heard of the existance of a "rok 101 008" module.

btw, how did you manage to get your hands on these modules? are you
going to develope your own hardware for it?

could you please send me the mechanical specification of the 008 and
pinout if different from the 007?


> zhangjun wrote:
> hi all,
> I have download the axis stack ,and compiled successfully with the
> help of some friends on the mail list.thank them once more.
> now I want to do some hardware interconnect experiment.I want to
> choose a pair of the errision's module rok 101 008.but I am not sure
> the experiment can success.
> who can give me some advise,or experience?
> thank you in advance.
> best regards,
> zhangjun
> zhangj@xxxxxxx.cn
> shenyang dongyu industrial research institute,china

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