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[bluetooth-dev] CSR Development Kit (USB Version)

Just to share my bad experience with you. We had purchased a CSR
Development Kit  (USB) from CSR through their distributor.

Upon a day before delivery, we were told that the Audio Link is NOT
working. And they have no idea when would the fix be ready.
Upon the day of delivery, we were told that the Flash Loader is NOT working
too. And they have no idea when would  the fix be ready too.

When the kit was delivered to us, it was obvious that the kit is a UART
version by looking at the RS232 cables bundled in the kit. While contacting
the vendors, one of us have the system set up. Nothing works!   The reason
given to me was : The Caisira has been flashed with USB interface firmware
while the software (BlueChat and BlueStack SDK)  do NOT support USB!!
So, the kit just sit there and nothing we can do about it until the
distributor EMAIL us the BlueChat with USB support. What about the
BlueStack SDK ? Surprise, we were told that CSR need to work with CCL
(their software partner) as CSR is not the CD  provider !!

Any CSR guys out there? Can you clearify the picture for me? I am
considering returning the kit.
BTW, any one is using CSR USB Development kits ? Don't you encountered
similar problem?


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