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[bluetooth-dev] PC card

Hi all,
Mr. François Menneteau sent an e-mail with the same question that I have to you.  I need the answer, so I'll make it again.
I want to connect more than two PCs using Bluetooth devices.  I know the  Bluetooth Application And Training Tool Kit from Ericsson doesn't support point-2-multipoint connections (isn't it?).  I suppose PC Cards (from Motorola, Digianswer, etc.) can do it... my question is..
Does the Axis stack work with some PC Card?
I think it works with the Digianswer ones... and what about Motorola and Toshiba?
I really need that information, so I'll appreciate some answer...
Sincerely your,
Jaime J. Garcia Reinoso
E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicacion
Universidad de Vigo (Spain)