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Re: [bluetooth-dev] PC card


> Jaime Garcia wrote:
> Hi all,
> Mr. Franšois Menneteau sent an e-mail with the same question that I
> have to you.  I need the answer, so I'll make it again.
> I want to connect more than two PCs using Bluetooth devices.  I
> know the  Bluetooth Application And Training Tool Kit from Ericsson
> doesn't support point-2-multipoint connections (isn't it?).


> I suppose
> PC Cards (from Motorola, Digianswer, etc.) can do it...

dunno. if these cards are based on the ericsson bluetooth module "roc
101 007" they definitively can not. does anybody know what kind of bt
modules are used in those cards?

> my question
> is..
> Does the Axis stack work with some PC Card?

no. and it will not be straightforward to implement it. this is why:

the axis stack uses the hci (host-controller) interface to talk to the
bt-hardware. the hci interface is basicaly a set of well defined
messages (pdu┤s) the host (your pc, laptop,...) and host controller
(your bt hardware) use to exchange information. the bluetooth
specification defines 3 transprot layers that hci packets can use to
travel between the host controller and the host : UART, RS232, and USB.
the axis stack supports UART and USB. depending on this physical
interface (e.g. transport layer), some data may be added to the basic
hci messages (e.g. for RS232, aka serial port, a couple of bytes are
added before the basic hci messages for error correction).

i am not aware of a standard (bluetooth compliant) way to transmit/
receive hci messages to/from a pc card. therefore i assume every vendor
of bt pc cards defines its own way of interchanging hci messages between
the pc card and the laptop. in this case you would have to modify the
method (in the axis stack) that reads data (hci message) from the pc
card and passes it up the next higher layer of the stack. same for the
method that writes data to the pc card. but you need the vendor┤s
specification of how that is done to do the required modifications in
the stack.

btw, to be bluetooth compliant, a pice of bt hardware need not implement
the hci interface at all. so pc cards are may use a completely different
protocol. in that case the axis stack would hardly be of any use at all.

> I think it works with the Digianswer ones... and what about Motorola
> and Toshiba?
> I really need that information, so I'll appreciate some answer...

sorry if that┤s bad news. 


> Sincerely your,
> ------------------------------------------
> Jaime J. Garcia Reinoso
> E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicacion
> Universidad de Vigo (Spain)

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