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Re: [bluetooth-dev] can axis stack run on the errision module rok 101 008

zhangjun wrote:
> hi olli,
> thank you.
> the datasheet from my local distributor,  is rok101007.but they say
> errissin's module doesn't support point to multipoint communication yet, the
> rok 101008 is kind of module support only point to point com.
> the the mechanical specification of the 008 are identical with the 007.
> from  the datasheets, the manufactor suggest a schematic of RS232
> interface,so I want to do some hardware  to make the module work,such as add
> a "max232 of maxim".
> is that sound possible?

yes. principally i don´t see any problems. what you want to do sounds
much like the "The Bluetooth Application Tool Kit" distributed by sigma
comtec (see http://www.comtec.sigma.se/products.asp). but the module on
that is the "roc 101 007".

the problem is the connectors (ball grid) of the module. there is no way
of soldering it by hand. you will need to have that done unless you have
the machine to do it. we will have that done with our layout, but it
takes some time and there is some initial cost.


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