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[bluetooth-dev] What does some of the hex values mean in the function init_database in sdp.c?

Hello, can any one enlighten me?

For the serial port profile,

what does the first value: "serport_service_name[0] = 0x9" refer to or mean?
The following 2 elements refer to the ID for the service name attribute. (I
guz so)
For serport_service_name[3] till serport_service_name[6], I don't know what
they mean?

Can anyone help? 

        serport_service_name[0] = 0x9;
        serport_service_name[1] = 0x1; /* Standard for sending ascii */
        serport_service_name[2] = 0x0;
        serport_service_name[3] = 0x35;
        serport_service_name[4] = 0x6;
        serport_service_name[5] = 0x25;
        serport_service_name[6] = 0x4;
        serport_service_name[7] = 0x43; /* Service name, here COM3 */
        serport_service_name[8] = 0x4f;
        serport_service_name[9] = 0x4d;
        serport_service_name[10] = 0x33;


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