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Re: [bluetooth-dev] SCO data

Johannes Karlsson wrote:

> If the firmware just checks if the ACL data is L2CAP it wouldn't be possible to
> send raw data over a ACL link, and it should be possible?

Bluetooth Core Spec v1.0B pg 191:
"LMP messages... are transferred in the payload instead of L2CAP and are
distinguished by a reserved value in the L_CH field of the payload header."

Then table 2.1 on pg 192 shows the possible values for that L_CH field: undefined,
start L2CAP, continue L2CAP & LMP. The field is two bits and only one option is
left unused (reserved for future use, pg 62). In other words, on an ACL channel the
firmware expects L2CAP or LMP and nothing else. Maybe the 1.1 spec will change

--Gordon (gmcnutt)

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