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[bluetooth-dev] I have only one linux pc ,how to do the hci emulation with 20001115 version?

hi ,
I have succeed to compile with some help of the people on the net.
now,I have only one linux pc now,and want to do some test on the axis stack.
what i have done were:
1.  turn on the HCI_EMULATION switch on,then remake the fiels,and insmod bt.o;
2.open two xterminals form the xwindow,I can them "A",and"B";
3.in"A"terminal,I run the server,by type:
    ./btduser --cmdmode --hwinit none --unixsock
4.in"B"terminal,I run the client,by type:
    ./btduser --client --hwinit none --unixsock
5.both  client &server termals come into main menu;
6.in the "B"terminal,type in:
    con 11:22:33:44:55:66 0 1 0
the Xterm display an error:"command not recognized or wrong system"
Is there anthing I have done wrong ?
who can help me to get rid of it?
best regards,