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[bluetooth-dev] RFCOMM AXIS & DIGIANSWER ?

Has anyone made an rfcomm connection to Digianswer PCCARD running BTSWS 1.07 with the Axis stack? 

We can setup a connection but when we tries to send data from digianswer to axis, we get a crc error. 
We can send data to Digianswer without any problems and 2 Digianswer devices can communicate 
with each other. 

The problems is that the uih-frame received from Digianswer contains 2 length bytes (ea.bit set to 0) 
and therefor the crc is miscalculated. 
If the second length byte is ignored and the first length byte is divided by 2 the length is correct. (Seems 
to be an general rule). 

The question is: Is this a correct packet that is not supported by Axis or is it just a bug ? 


An ':' is sent (0x3a) 
From digianswer to axis. 

2 1 20 a 0 6 0 43 0 4b ef 2 1 3a ce 
rfcomm_receive_data:6 bytes, our cid is 65 
rfcomm_receive_data: Long UIH packet received 
rfcomm_receive_data: long packet length 129 
fcs : 181 
crc_check: CRC check failed 

An ':' is sent (0x3a) 
From axis to digianswer. 
2 1 20 9 0 5 0 41 0 49 ef 3 3a 14 

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