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[bluetooth-dev] SDP_SERVER

    i tried to access the SDP services but failed. On the SERVER side, i
started the application as stated in README and started the SDP Server.

[root@xxxxxxx.xml &
[3] 1079
[root@eea134 sdp_server]# Opening server socket /tmp/sdp_sock
SDP Server listens...

On the CLIENT side, i tried to use the sdp_server to browse the service
but failed.

/proc/sdp_srv: No such file or directory

AS stated in SDP SERVER Readme, the communication between SDP and the
protocol stack is done through read and write operations on a proc-file.

From the above messages, it clearly showed there was no this file.
Should i create it manully?
If not, i would like to ask how the SERVER send the service database to
What command should i use to request the database from the SERVER?

Am i doing the wrong steps? Please don't hestitate to tell me and i
would totally appreciate your comments.



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