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[bluetooth-dev] 1115 Version Test

    i tested 1115 version many many times. i still encouter a problem.
Could anybody help me?

i met the following problem:
[root@eea218 /root]# tail -f /var/log/messages
Jan  4 17:04:59 eea218 btduser: Initiating signal handler
Jan  4 17:05:04 eea218 btduser: Opening socket /tmp/ipa_server
Jan  4 17:05:04 eea218 btduser: open_socket /tmp/ipa_server failed
Jan  4 17:05:04 eea218 btduser: Could not find IP Assign server
Jan  4 17:05:05 eea218 btduser: Current HW set to Ericsson
What did the above error messages indicate?

i really need your help!!



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