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[bluetooth-dev] After Connection ... How can I send ACL packets

I write a small aplication for MS-DOS.

I want to send ACL packet between two bluetooth devices (they are from
What I do with my devices is :
1. I read the buffer size (OGF = 0x04 OCF 0x0005)
2. I write scan enable (OGF = 0x03 OCF 0x001A)
I can inquiry and I find other device. OK it works.

Next I HCI_Create_Connection with Packet type = 0xCC18 and
Page_Scan_Repetition_Mode = 0,  Page_Scan_Mode = 0, Clock_Offset = 0,
Allow_Role_Switch = 0 from device A to B.
Device B accepting connection and I getting link number 0x0001.

My question is - how can I send ACL packet ? Should I before sending ACL
packet do HCI_AUthetication_Request or something ? can somebody point me how
should look an ACL packet ?

Best regards

Pawel Dienwebel

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