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Re: [bluetooth-dev] newbie : errors under RH7

I seem to have exactly the same problems as John -- trying to compile under
RH7 kernel 2.2.16 with gcc 2.96.

> >hci.c:244: `MUTEX' undeclared here (not in a function)
> >hci.c:245: `MUTEX' undeclared here (not in a function)
>  >   Does anyone know where this is defined and if so what the value is?
> In later versions of the kernel, one would use:
> static DECLARE_MUTEX(hci_cmd_semaphore);
> static DECLARE_MUTEX(hci_inq_semaphore);

Have tried this, but make still stops with many warinings (and some errors?) in hci.c.
I guess, as a newbie, I must be making something stupidly wrong :((  ... I
know how to build small "filter" style utilities that I write, but have
never built a large application, much less a daemon.

What I do is:
login as user on RH7
unpack the archive bluetooth_20010108.tgz
modify src/hci.c according to Craig's instructions above
source init_env

This results in the error messages attached in make.log.
(See attached file: make.log)
Any help is very much appreciated.

> Although I not sure what kernel version is in RH7...

kernel 2.2.16

Thank for your help,