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[bluetooth-dev] Compilig errors on 2.2.17 kernel with bluetooth_20010108

i have tried several times to compile the bluetooth_20010108
using the kernle 2.2.17.
The first message i get is a parse error in string.h !!!
i have tried to install the patch bluetooth_20001115, but it was
I could try to add the following line at te beginning of sysdep-2.1h :

#ifndef _SYSDEP_21_H_
#define _SYSDEP_21_H_
#include <features.h>

as i found in another mail archive, but i had to had the include of this
in almost .c file.
Could someone be gracefull enough to tell what to do to take full advantage
of the axis stack with my kernel ??

Thanx francois.

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