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Re: [bluetooth-dev] SDP_SERVER

Le Mardi 30 Janvier 2001 10:12, Matthias Fuchs a écrit :
> david LIBAULT wrote:
> > Yes, Gordon has fixed the dirty alignements of the stack one day so it
> > can run on MIPS, ARM big/little endian.
> That was good work by Gordon !
> > These modifications have never been included in the stack. At every new
> > release, we all have to redo the modifications by hand !
> I am not very glad about that.
> > So, you can fix anything you want by yourself, but don't expect your
> > modifications to be taken into account by the axis team.
> Is there any statement about Gordon's patch from Axis ? Did any body get
> an information if they are planning to
> apply Gordon's patch in the official release ? I hope that, when the CVS
> is open, we will not have two independant stack version ? In this case
> we will never get a chance to add the stack to the official Linux
> kernel.

Xavier Debreuil has applied the patch from Gordon "by hand", and we could 
have this version of the stack work in user mode on our little endian ARM 
system (after the race condition fix). 
In kernel mode (as we use kernel 2.4), after changing the queues stuff for 
the new kernel API, we got to the point where the module insmoded properly, 
L2CAP connection was OK and RFCOMM connection just crashed the module (and we 
gave up because we got short on time...).

I don't see how we can share efficiently our work with anyone at the moment...

> Matthias
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