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[bluetooth-dev] bluetooth link metric

hello all,

has anybody yet tried to use the following hci commands successfully?

/* Status Parameters (HCI_SP) */
#define GET_LINK_QUALITY 0x3
#define READ_RSSI 0x5

/* Host-Controller and Baseband Commands (HCI_HC) */

does anybody know where and how the resulting values are generated
inside the existing bluetooth hw (if they are generated)?

i would be interested in any pointer on this matter,


jan beutel 

Jan Beutel                                 j.beutel@xxxxxxx.org
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, ETZ G63
ETH Zurich                              +41 1 632 70 32 Phone
Gloriastrasse 35                          +41 1 632 10 35 Fax
CH 8092 Zurich/Switzerland          http://www.tik.ee.ethz.ch
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