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[bluetooth-dev] AXIS stack - suggested fix to bluetooth.c

I am using the Jan 8th Bluetooth stack, and wanted to make a
recommendation/fix for the function bt_flush_chars() within bluetooth.c:

The sertty driver I am trying to use does not implement the "flush_chars()"
function, so it is left NULL.  This causes the stack to crash.
The sertty driver I am trying to use is the USB Bluetooth driver,
bluetooth.c in linux 2.4.0.

I suggest bt_flush_chars() be implemented as follows:

if ((sertty != NULL) && (sertty->driver.flush_chars != NULL))

I know, this adds an extra check.  Maybe this could be checked during stack
initialization so there is only one check thru bt_flush_chars(). Is it
required that a Linux tty driver implement the flush_chars() function?

Craig Gwydir

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