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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Axis -- Ericsson

> I use Axis Bluetooth Driver for Linux with a Bluetooth device based on a
> Ericsson chip.
> This device is plugged on USB port.
> My Linux version is 2.2.16 (RedHat).
> Bluetooth Daemon application starts successfully but an error appears
> when it can't get my device's bd_addr.
> I think that Axis Bluetooth Driver doesn't recognize my Bt device.
> Where could i find a Bluetooth usb driver for my device (Ericsson chip)
> ? (without to change my Kernel version)

This must be a RFTM question, but anyway...

I'm also having problems with Axis stack and Ericsson Bluetooth USB
module. I can't even get the Axis stack to compile with HW_CURRENT=
USBMODULE and kernel 2.2.18.

A working USB bluetooth driver is included in the latest kernels (2.2.18
and 2.4.0), but getting it to work with Axis stack is not as easy as the
kernel documantion claims: "(driver) currently works well with the Linux
USB Bluetooth stack from Axis".

Does anybody know how to use this kernel USB-driver with Axis stack?

Mikko Rahkonen <rahkomi@xxxxxxx.fi>

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