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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Axis -- Ericsson

On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 08:58:39PM +0200, Mikko Rahkonen wrote:
> This must be a RFTM question, but anyway...
> I'm also having problems with Axis stack and Ericsson Bluetooth USB
> module. I can't even get the Axis stack to compile with HW_CURRENT=
> USBMODULE and kernel 2.2.18.
> A working USB bluetooth driver is included in the latest kernels (2.2.18
> and 2.4.0), but getting it to work with Axis stack is not as easy as the
> kernel documantion claims: "(driver) currently works well with the Linux
> USB Bluetooth stack from Axis".
> Does anybody know how to use this kernel USB-driver with Axis stack?

Now that's a broad question.

You _should_ be able to just point the Axis stack at the /dev/ttyUB0 and
it will "just work" :)

To make things easier, first get the Axis stack working with a serial
device.  Then get Linux USB working with some other USB device (like a
mouse or keyboard).  Then try the two together.

A great place for Linux USB questions is the Linux USB FAQ and Guide at

And I'm always willing to answer specific questions if anyone has any.

One hint, if you're using Ericsson devices, make _sure_ you have the
latest firmware for them.  The older versions didn't really work well.


greg k-h

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